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  •      supports environmental, humanitarian and educational projects in various countries.

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Dear Visitors to FORUM of WORLD CULTURES,

exodus and immigration, urban living have taught us
that knowledge of each others' cultural backgrounds
has become indispensable. Nobody should stay "illiterate"
when it comes to the understanding of the heritage of others.

Knowledge and interest about each other is fundamental to mutual understanding, both
on a local and global level.

Recent religious and political conflicts have reminded us of the possible result of a lack
of knowledge about one another.

How we, at FORUM of WORLD CULTURES, engage:

Our historical and art exhibitions, seminars and publications present a platform for
individuals from different locales, and draw attention to their "real life" in oppose to a mediated or
school-taught idea of it. In today's global world, we need to learn much more from and about the
various cultural-religious dimensions. Paying attention to such detail and incorporating it in our
lives is one of the FWC goals.

Please help us in this endeavor.

FWC furthermore supports others who thrive in the same direction of deepening
a meaningful life as human-beings.

Therefore, through our event revenues and donations, we support ecologic, educational,
humanitarian projects in Africa and Latin America.

For example, in 2012 FWC collaborated with the organization PHILANTHROPE, which
represents UNESCO-project
World-Green-Lungs's efforts in tree planting in a
devastated Congo-area.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Gabriela Jurosz-Landa
President FWC


  •       is a platform for advancing thought and action to improve conditions of life on our planet on a governmental, cultural
          and ecological level.  By bringing together thinkers, governmental leaders, producers of cultural and historical texture,
          we provide a forum to implant new ideas to foster unity in diversity.
  •       aims to educate by introducing cultures to individuals from and in a variety of countries.                   
          We create high-level multimedia exhibitions of work by individuals from lesser-known territories.
          Art: Far apart from a market-driven art-scene, our goal is to draw attention to "real life" in under-estimated regions.
          Choosing local and global issues, we invite our artists to interact with people in the host country and thus form stable relationships.

The Highest Mayan Ancestral Authority
of Guatemalan Quiché visits New York

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