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    Charta 77 and Vaclav Havel
    a historic-political exhibition
    2012 in Bayreuth, Germany    

        In this historical exhibition, FWC honored
        by the former Czech president and world citizen
        Václav Havel within a show about all signatories                
        of Charta 77, whose co-initiator Mr. Havel was and
        whose brave activity ultimately lead to the collapse
        of communism in Czechoslovakia.
        Mr. Havel's thoughts and writing were presented
        as they are of constant value and should not fall
        into oblivion. Likewise we remember the philosopher
        Prof. Jan Patočka, who was the mental leader of Czech
        thought up to his death after an interrogation in 1977.

    Exhibition in co-operation with
    The Czech-German Association Bayreuth and
    The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes Prague
    Exhibition opening 17th of July 2012
                                   by CR Deputy Ambassador M. Coupek.

    Art- and Architecture voyage to Prague
        The three-day tour through Prague introduced the international attendees to the
        city's art and architecture.
        A collaboration with the German-Italian Association.




    Exhibition of Czech Masters of Art
    Bayreuth, Germany

    This showing of well-known Czech artists, such as sculptor Olbrám Zoubek, glass artist Vlastislav Janáček
    and air-brush artist Karel Kopic, as well as up-and-coming artists has had a major impact on citizens and
    visitors. Its mission was to bring two cultures - the Czech and the German - closer together, after WW II
    events had separated them and had created mutual resistance and still today stand in the way of co-
    existence. Our exhibition in this border-near area, where much of the "Sudetendeutsche" had settled,  
    brought a new, indirectly unpolitical outlook and has been visited by some of the politically most
    effected people. Life-stories have been shared and many of the visitors left in a visibly smoother "aura"
    than the one they kept for several decades between their expel and today.

         Sales of the art work supported World Green Lungs and the reforestation of the African rain forest.

    The exhibition has been organized in cooperation with the Czech-German Association DTG of Bayreuth.



      6th International Contemporary Art
     Plassenburg, Kulmbach, Germany

            Exhibition featuring art from six European countries.
    FWC contributed with the participation of five Czech artists.
   The exhibition has been organized by Focus Europa, under
  the presidency of former German Minister of Defense,
      Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg.

      Bringing artists from six countries to exhibit and interact together over the
      time of three days has been a real feast of inter-cultural life and awareness.



-cultural  Concert in cooperation
          with the cities of Bayreuth and Prague - April 2011

               A performance of the symphonic wind orchestra Symphonisches Bläserorchester in Prague:

               Many of the visitors had not been to a concert by German musicians in decades - the coming-
         together of two nations through this concert and the positive reactions can hardly be described
         through words or photographs.

            Inter-cultural art-consulting: Czech artist Libor Lipa,
     sent to the annual art exhibition of Kulmbach, Germany Art Society

               This turned out to be a problematic act, since the artist had decided to make
         himself known by sending a drawing of Hitler to this show, that had invited and
         welcomed him as one of few foreign artists. Luckily history in Germany has been
         brought into the open and most people do not identify with the acts of the dictator.
         Libor Lipa's provocation was left without the intended effect. The case shows, how
         backwards, even 20 years after the wall came down, education and international
         understanding in some individuals can still be.
       FWC has secured art pieces and furniture for
        Museum Collegium Bohemicum in Aussig, Czech Republic,
        the first museum of German people in the Czech lands

               At the end of WW II Czechoslovakia (for obvious but controversial reasons) kicked out thousands
         of Germans from Czech areas, that these people had inhabited for hundreds of years, this year's
         opening of Collegium Bohemicum, the Museum of German People in Bohemia, is one of the
         marvellous achievements in breaking a tabu and bringing history back to its people.  
 We encourage understanding among the people of our world, and an integration with nature.
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Past projects:

 Invitation by FWC Founder and President  

 Dear Visitors to FORUM of WORLD CULTURES,

 as more people tend to live in urban centers,  
 a need for knowledge of each others' cultural
 backgrounds becomes more pressing. We
 cannot stay "illiterate" when it comes to the
 heritage of others.

 Knowledge and interest about each other is
 fundamental to mutual understanding, both
 on a local and global level.

 Recent religious and political conflicts have
 reminded us of the possible result of a lack
 of knowledge about one another.

 How we engage:
 Our art and historical exhibitions, seminars  
 and publications present a platform for
 individuals from different locales, and draw
 attention to their "real life". People often live
 far apart from one another - and not just
 geographically but in other dimensions
 as well. Valuable knowledge gets buried and
 wants to be reintroduced to today's society.

 Next to the FWC activities which are helping
 rescue knowledge for us today -- and for   
 future generations, we support others who
 thrive in the same direction of deepening
 a meaningful life as human-beings.

 Therefore, through our event revenues and
 donations, we support ecologic, educational,
 humanitarian projects in Africa and Latin

 For example, FWC has collaborated
 with the organization PHILANTHROPE, which
 represents UNESCO-project
World-Green-Lungs's efforts in
 tree planting in a devastated Congo-area.
 In education, we are gearing up to support
 the Mayan educational project
 SWAN TINAMIT in Guatemala.

 Though having formed only in 2010,
 we make a commitment to making
 the world a better place.

 Thank you for your interest and support.

Gabriela Jurosz-Landa
 President FWC

  •       is a platform for advancing thought and
    action to improve conditions of life on our
    planet on a governmental, cultural and
    ecological level.  By bringing together thinkers,
    governmental leaders, producers of cultural
    and historical texture, we provide a forum to
    implant new ideas to foster unity in diversity.
  •       aims to educate by introducing cultures to
    individuals from and in a variety of
          We create high-level multimedia exhibitions
    of work by individuals from lesser-known
          Far apart from a market-driven art-scene,
    our goal is to draw attention to "real life" in
          under-estimated regions. Chosing themes of
    local and global meaning, we invite our artists
    to interact with people in the host country and
    form stabil relationships.     

  •       supports environmental, humanitarian and
    educational projects in various countries.

  Project preview for 2014

     - Thinktank on Spirituality in Government
        New York, May 2014

     - Receiving and organizing visit
       of Highest Ancestral Authority
       of the Maya in Guatemala
       New York, May 2014

     - Czech Art Exhibition,
       Speinshart Monastery Germany
       September 2014   

   Current activities

   Highest Mayan Ancestral Authority
 of Quiché Guatemala visits New York  
  •  United Nations
  •  Thinktank FWC and Forum 21

Please click to see funded projects

      - Collaboration with
        Latin American Women Writers
        - COMENIUS Educational Seminar,
        Prague July 201
        - Cosmologies of the World:
        The Maya: seminar for students
        in Germany  
        June 2014
Guatemala December 2012:

FWC is invited to the Mayan
celebrations of the "New Era of
New York - October 2012