Forum of World Cultures  
    Featured artists this month

   FORUM of WORLD CULTURES supports artists as a    
     form of creating appreciation and a mutual
    understanding among cultures.  We believe peace
    is made possible through communication between
    cultures and contact among individuals.

    Information about each other plays a vital role in
    the process of peace building. We aim to create
    interest in one another and believe in inclusion
    rather than exclusion.

    Therefore, FWC organizes meetings in the form of
    multilateral exhibitions, concerts, talks and other.

    You can inquire about prices, purchase
    art-work and find out about further artists
    by e-mailing to:

   Thank you,

   Gabriela Jurosz-Landa
Michael Usyk, New York
Waltraud Caroline Keyn,
Germany/ Italy
Czech artists
Erica Maria Delpuente,
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