Past PROJECTS - Selection:

  •  Exhibition and lectures by invited speakers: Václav Havel and Charta 77, Bayreuth Germany 2012



      Exhibition in co-operation
      with the Czech-German Association Bayreuth

  •                                                                                 Art & Architecture excursion to Prague


  •         Exhibition of Czech Art.  Altes Schloss in Bayreuth, Germany 2010/11

            Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek, glass artist Vlastislav Janáček and air-brush artist Karel Kopic, as well as up-and-coming artists.

  •        "6th International Contemporary Art". Castle Plassenburg, Kulmbach, Germany 2011



  •                                                                          Artist Management:

  •        Building relations with the Mayan People.                          Supporting the victims of the volcano eruption in 2018.
           2012-18 in Guatemala and New York, U.N.


                                                                                                                                          Don Tomás Calvo Mateo, Highest Ancestral Authorit
y of
the Mayan Quiché: Peace talk in Guatemala

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Within a historic-political exhibition, FWC honored the former Czech president and world citizen,Václav Havel.
A presentation of all signatories of Charta 77, whose co-initiator Mr. Havel was and whose brave activity
ultimately lead to the collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia.
The exhibit presented President Havel's thoughts and writing in an authentic way, to guard their constant value.
, we remember the philosopher Prof. Jan Patočka, who was the mental leader of
Czech thought up to his death after an interrogation in 1977.
We thrive to support projects, such as the educational program of the all-Mayan school
SWAN TINAMIT in the Guatemalan town Chichicastenango. Here young Mayans are being
taught by their own s scholarly people about their own culture that has been lost over centuries
due to political suppression.
Now, they have a new chance to pass on their heritage by teaching this knowledge in community
schools and teach even younger children what some of their parents had little knowledge of. Some
of the elders kept Mayan knowledge through oral tradition and by maintaining a spiritual relationship
to their ancestors, but for the common man, it had fallen to the Conquest.

                 To know and live ones identity is a birth right.

The show had a major impact on citizens and visitors. Its mission was to bring two cultures - the Czech and the German -closer to each
other, after historical events had created mutual resistance and now stood in the way to co-existence.
Our exhibition has brought a new outlook and has been visited by some of the politically most effected people in thi
s  border-near area.

With the art sales, FWC and 'Philanthrope' supported the U.N. - organization WORLD GREEN LUNGS and the reforestation of the
African rain forest.

The exhibition has been organized in cooperation with the Czech-German Association DTG of Bayreuth.

An exhibition of art from six European countries. FWC contributed with organizing
the participation of five Czech artists. The exhibition has been
hosted by Focus
Europa, under the presidency of
German ex-minister of Defense,
Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg.

Bringing artists from six countries to exhibit and interact together over the time of
three days has been a real feast of inter-cultural life and awareness
Pianist Matyáš Novák to  
in New
York 2017
         German-Italian Association