“Absence creates imagination”.
--James Donald, anthropologist

The video work City of Dreams explores one of modernity’s taboo topics: why are humans
drawn to the epicenter of a metropolis?  

Using in-depth interviews with people whose dream was to move to New York, City of
Dreams examines illusion and reality of city-life.

The interviews include people coming from as far as Asia and as close as Long Island...
highlighting educated people – artists and business professionals, who choose to find
plus a more sophisticated fellow community by coming to a cultural center,
Manhattan. All these people were deeply rooted in their places called "home" -- yet still
anxious to seek and be more. Ambition, the thrill of experience, a great will to learn and co-
create a new civilization, and ultimately boredom in their hometowns, are just some of the
factors driving them to that World capital. In the City, they often find a life far from what
they expected. And still: there seems to be no return.

City of Dreams is an attempt to question and
accelerate our sociological behavior and  models
of modernity. Along the way, it shows the illusion
of belief, that human’s choice relies on rational
decisions rather than dreams.  
Other Completed Projects:

... are several biographies about New York artists, telling their life -
and career stories within historical context. Featured artists include
the painter
Michael Usyk, award winning photographer Louis Lanzano,
whose street-photography revolutionized a generation and forever
changed the perception of photography.
Don Paulson, editor of
pre-ROLLING STONE-Magazine, THE HIT PARADER, for which he
photographed such then emerging bands as The Animals, Sunny and
Cher, Jimmy Hendrix, new-comers The Beatles and The Rolling Stones,
and many more.


Artist collaboration: multimedia projection of photographs/poems onto New York facades.


Gabriela Landa
Film Projects