STATEMENT concerning my work as an artist:

My work which finds its expression essentially in „painted compositions“
– besides other forms of expression like photography and  writing  -  is
characterized by my personality, my attitude towards life in general.  
My philosophy of life, my political credo  derive from my idea of the
DIGNITY of the individual.
Every human being has innate qualities which he/she can express in
adequate ways.  
Since, already as a little child, I showed a tendency towards creative
design – certainly due to a gift passed on to me by my  ancestors (my
father, George Keyn, inventor, participated at the construction of the
missile V1 as member of the technical-creative team of  Ing. Rudolf
Nebel; my brother Wieland Keyn, musician and painter; Arnulf Keyn,
theatre scholar, dramatic advisor and maître de ballet at the  
Schauspielhaus in Dresden and Halle; Eberhard Keyn, musician and
cabaret artist, as well as many other talented Keyn`s) -  I was
supported and led on this way by my parents as well as by the school.
Besides my distinct freedom-loving individuality, I consider it my life
work  and task to delight others with my paintings and to further the  
talent of  gifted persons.
I have the great desire to convey to children and adolescents, as well
as to adults „art as essential for life and a joy “  through my work in
schools and workshops.
It is my vision to  put art at the service of great social questions.  

I am an idealistic person who still believes that every human being has
a core of truth, goodness and beauty inside  which  wishes to become
Abstract, symbolic painting gives me the possibility to express myself
with my ideas and automatism (mind and feeling).  
Painting  is an international language, just as music, and is being
understood by all persons that have an artistic sensitivity   - fact which I
could notice during my exhibitions in asiatic countries.  
I try, in my paintings, just as in my life,  to unite  critical opposites, to
reconcile them.  
This is being expressed in my painting through the contrasting colours
and forms, without any representational reference; in my photo series
in large format through  the overlapping of pictures with different
motives which, once put together,  show a new symbolic connection.
For me, the important part of my work is the „moral and spiritual
strength“ of art which tries to lead men away from the purely
naturalistic and materialistic way towards a “creative-divine”  and
“global, human“ working and living together.
This is also the reason why I plead for  showing suitable appreciation in
the schools for the creative and artistic subjects by turning them into
compulsory school subjects.  

Waltraud Caroline Keyn
Forum of World Cultures - Artists
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Waltraud Caroline Keyn
Our art exhibitions aim to introduce cultures to individuals in a
variety of countries. Often we chose art from a not-that-well-known
area and invite its artists to interact with people in the host country.  
in Africa and other parts of the world. Through a fruitful collaboration
with the organization PHILANTHROPE, projects like
World-Green-Culture's tree planting in a devastated Kongo-area
has been made possible. Also educational projects shall be
supported in the future.

FWC is engaged to support understanding among cultures.
We believe peace is made possible through communication       
between cultures and contact among individuals. Information     
about each other plays a vital role in the process of mutual         
understanding. We aim to create interest in one another -           
inclusion rather than exclusion.

Therefore FWC organizes meetings in the form of multilateral
exhibitions, concerts, talks and other.
Waltraud Caroline Keyn lives and works in Liguria/Italy. She is co-
Arenzano. She was president of „Kunstkreis Aichach“ in Germany and
is a member of „ BBK Schwaben-Nord und Augsburg“ and „Focus .