FWC is a platform for advancing thought and action to improve conditions of life on
our planet on
a governmental, cultural and ecological level.  By bringing together thinkal leaders,
producers, political leaders of cultural and historical texture, we provide a forum to
implant new ideas to foster unity in diversity.

FWC aims to educate by introducing cultures to individuals from and in a variety of
We create high-level multimedia exhibitions of work by individuals from lesser-
known territories.

Art: Far apart from a market-driven art-scene, our goal is to draw attention to "real
life" in under-estimated regions.

Choosing local and global issues, we invite our artists to interact with people in the
host country and thus form stable relationships.

FWC supports environmental, humanitarian and educational projects in various

FWC is a formal or institutional existence (Statutes or other governing document
setting out their mission, objectives, and scope).  We are accountable to our
members and donors.

FWC is independent of government, public authorities, political parties or
commercial organizations;

FWC is not self-serving in aims and related values. We aim to serve specific groups
or the public as a whole.

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