Exploring the space in-Between, Gabriela Landa  attempt to
capture the constant link between the internal and external
states of the universe, which we weave just by pure living
and try to make sense of on a daily basis. Landa renders
the contours of awareness with a sensibility that is equal
parts mundane and esoteric, physical and metaphysical,
scientific and otherworldly.

"In her abstract-figurative photomontage Gabriela Landa
captures a variety of genuine moments, which embody a
deeper symbolic statement about the surrounding world, a
magic otherwise achieved only in film. Denying a clear-cut
statement, the images summon fragments of city life in
juxtaposition with archetypes depicted through individuals
as carriers of cultural information, images of religious
symbols or just nature – all of this in search of a newly
emerging language."
Konecna – TALENT Magazine New York