New York
Amusement Park USA
Coney Island/Times Square
Holy Times Square
Columbus Parade
New York 2004
Gabriela Landa
Photo Montage
French Resistance
Glieres, France 2004
Prague - Times  Square
German Parade
New York 2007
Saints on
Times Square
New York 2005
Lafayette Street
Berlin Nostalgia
Berlin - New York 2009
New York - Munich
Paris - New York
Berlin-Paris: historique
Munich Nostalgia
New York - Munich
Bush-Years 2004-08
Multi-City: 2004 - most recent
New York Multi-exposed
Bi-continental: 2004-2010

In her multi-exposure photographic art work, Gabriela Landa explores the space 'In-Between', and in so doing captures the links
between things, which we weave every day by pure living. Landa renders the contours of awareness with a sensibility that is equal
parts mundane and esoteric, physical and metaphysical, scientific and spiritual. With themes political, poetic, ethnographic, the
image-assemblages merge worlds and express their content in a painting-like abstract-figurative language. Technically, multiple
exposures are achieved by using the same negative film twice. This process emphasizes a human vision of the image -- in space
and time -- rather than the cut-and-paste computer process.

...the images summon fragments of city life in juxtaposition with archetypes depicted through individuals as carriers of cultural information,
images of religious symbols or just nature – all of this in search of a newly emerging language."
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Katka Konecna – TALENT Magazine New York