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FORUM of WORLD CULTURES supports artists and
humanitarian projects in Africa and other parts of the world.
Through a fruitful collaboration with the organization                      
World-Green-Culture tree planting
Educational projects shall be supported in the future.

FWC is engaged to support understanding among cultures.       
We believe peace is made possible through communication       
between cultures and contact among individulas. Information     
about each other plays a vital role in the process of mutual         
understanding. We aim to create interest in one another -           
inclusion rather than exclusion.

Therefore FWC organizes meetings in the form of multilateral
exhibitions, concerts, talks and other.
Michael Usyk  
www: Michael Usyk
Usyk began his own artistic career as a videographer.  In 1992, he
made a film, “Balls,” acting as director, cameraman, and editor.  This
film documents the underground gay black “houses” and their
competitive vogueing contests--a culture that, because of AIDS, was
soon to disappear almost completely.  He is also the subject of a film
in which he discusses his artistic development and influences and
talks about the paintings in his studio.  
In 1993, Mr. Usyk joined the studio of an older sculptor.  Learning
how to weld there, he produced many unique, delicate metal pieces,
originating colorful patinas for them.  He was inspired by the colors of
these metal sculptures and further influenced by the colors of Tibet,
such as ancient monastery doors.  He began to apply paint to paper
and canvas, eventually experimenting with pigments, Alkyd resin,
found papers, glue, wax, and other materials.  
He was an artist in residence on an Artists’ Angel Fellowship at
Vermont Studio  Center in 1997 and 1998.
His work has been exhibited at Betty Levin, 41 East 57th Street, New
York City; Le Bon Petit Diable Gallery, Boulevard Arago, Paris,
France; Sergio Caballero Fine Arts, Southhampton, New York; The
Pink Pony, Ludlow Street, New York City; Wooster Arts Space,
Wooster Street, New York City; Musee de Monoian, Pittsburgh and
New York City; Kerr Gallery, Fourteenth Street, New York City; and
Charles Chamot Gallery, Jersey City, New Jersey.    
His work is in the collections of many prominent collectors, including
Kent and Jane Barwick, David and Barbara Krell, Leigh Weaver, and
Jonathan Tisch.
Mr. Usyk has a B.A. in Renaissance Literature from The City College
of New York.  He is a self-taught artist.