Gabriela Jurosz
Articles and Lectures

Besides heading FORUM OF WORLD CULTURES Gabriela Jurosz has been woring as an
artist and photographer, writer and lecturer on art and cultural matters.  
As the U.S. Correspondent to Prague's premier art magazine, ATELIER, she has covered
cultural affairs and been a voice to Europe from the United States since 2001.
She has contributed to BBC, Die Welt, Europe-Journal and other major publications.

Her speaking engagement in European art museums have covered contemporary and
ethnic art, as well as the cultures of Latin America, Europe, and the USA and art of
anthropology. She has been interested in helping people to understand cultures foreign
to their own and has held Inter-cultural Competence seminars.

Ms. Jurosz holds an M.A. in anthropology and art history and psychologyfrom the University
of Munich,  she also studied in Prague and Vienna  anthropology and art history.
She has  been a student at the Academies of Art in Munich and Berlin.  

After living in a variety of European countries, she relocated to Guatemala in 1996,
travelling between there, the U.S., and Europe for her  engagements. In May 2001 New
York became her center.

Selection of Published Magazine and Newspaper Articles:

2009              NEW YORK ARTS MAGAZINE:
              The Helios Project – an Appia film

              NORDBAYERISCHER KURIER Bayreuth:
              Richard Wagner in Buenos Aires - via New York
              The Met‘s dance to a new rhythm

2007-08         ATELIER Art Magazine Prague:
              Armory Show, New York; - Art Basel Miami, etc.

2006              ATELIER Art Magazine / Prague:
-        Jewish Identities, Skirball Center Los Angeles, Jewish Museum NY and S.F.
-        Edward Burtynsky, Brooklyn Art Museum
-        Masters of American Comics, UCLA Hammer Museum and MOCA, Los Angeles
-        The Los Angeles Art Scene
-        Ashes and Snow, Santa Monica

2005               ATELIER Art Magazine:
-         Prague 1347-1437, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
-         Daniel Buren, Guggenheim Museum, New York
-         MOMA Re-opening New York
-         Eastvillage USA, New Museum of Contemporary Art        
-         Basquiat, Brooklyn Art Museum
-         Armory Show, New York

2005               EURO-Journal, Germany:
-        Cannes Film Festival als eine fuehrende Kulturinstitution in Europa
-        Werden die Amerikaner von Europäern gehasst?
-        Jaroslav Svěcený concert (incl. English/Spanish summery)

2004               ATELIER Prague:
-        Renovation of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
-        Made in Mexico, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
-        Romare Bearden, Whitney Museum of American Art
-        John Currin, Whitney Museum of American Art

2004              EURO-Journal, Germany:
-        Review of Prof. Galice’s book “Du peuple nation”

2003              ATELIER Prague:
-        Yoko Ono, MOCA Miami
-        (et al)

2002              ATELIER Prague:
-        Brazil – Body and Soul
-        Gerhard Richter Retrospective, Museum of Modern Art New York
-        Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi, Metropolitan Museum of Art
-        Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, 20th century Mexican art, El Museo del Barrio, NY
-        Art post 9/11, various New York galleries
-        Black Romance, Studio Museum Harlem, New York
-        Meeting with God (Hindu altars), Museum of Natural History New York

2002              DIE WELT, Germany:
-        INTERVIEW: Louis Bourgeois
-        Visions of America, Whitney Museum of American Art

2001              BLESK, Prague:
-        Airbus se zritil na New York
-        New York ovlada touha po pomste

2001              El Nuevo Diario, Nicaragua:
-        Paintings by Arturo Monroy

2001              The Slovak Spectator:
-        Concert review of Lubica Vargicova at Carnegie Hall

2001              ATELIER Prague:
-        Reviewing an era of video-art, Whitney Museum of American Art
-        Retrospective Wayne Thiebaud, Whitney Museum of American Art


Photography, DIE WELT, Text in German:

MUSIC from Carnegie Hall, Text in